Best Keyword Research Tools For Mac : Free And Paid

Mac Keyword Research Tools

Mac Keyword Tool Considering researching keywords for a targeted Macintosh content creation strategy? Before you begin, performing exhaustive and effective keyword planning and research on your Mac is critical. A free trial of the best SEO software for Mac can help you perform short and long-tail keyword research, competition and backlink analysis before you create content. Market Samurai's Mac keyword research module can help you make the most of your targeted keyword-based writing and content submission efforts.

Another Mac compatible keyword research app that runs on OSX using Adobe Air cross-platform technology is Long Tail Pro for Mac. Unlike MarketSamurai which is a fully featured, multi-module All-In-One SEO app, LongTail Pro focuses primarily on one thing - and that is delivering, filtering and presenting viable keywords QUICKLY. The speed at which it retrieves keywords and competition data is impressive.

Your content's Theme, Title and Permalink URL code need to target very high-interest, ideally low-competition keyphrases to stand out from your competitors. They are most effective for garnering high-converting site traffic. Whether it's for web page body content, specific blog posts, Social Media Marketing efforts, or targeting keyphrase usage in Press Release headlines and topics -- knowing words and terms that CAN outrank the competition is essential before you write a single word.

Researching Keywords On A Mac

There's certainly a fair number of free keyword search tools out there that offer a BASIC set of popular keywords to help inspire your internet marketing research from Apple's Safari or Mac Firefox browsers. Generally, these are only able to return the most common and high-volume short and mid-tail search terms, but they can be a good starting point for exploring deeper and more complex variants. SEOCentro offers a nice selection of SEO page and link analysis tools in general, but there's also a handy keyword suggestion tool I refer to often. Google AdWords's Keyword Planner and Bing Webmaster Tools cost nothing to use once you've registered.

OSX Keyword Suggestion Tool For Mac

Mobilio's SEOgesstor free keyword suggestion software tool for Mac OSX can really help you target top long-tail phrases suggested by Yandex, Bing / Yahoo and Google.

Free Auto-Suggest Keyword Tool For Mac Users

Here is one of several more specific search databases that KWToolDominator focuses on: the Amazon Keywords Tool is very handy for Amazon Affiliates, but there's also one for eBay, Bing - Yahoo, and of course Google that focus on AUTO-SUGGEST search strings for products that are usually very high in buyer intenet. Auto-Suggestions that drop-down in many search fields are compiled from real-word usage metrics and clearly point to highly monetizeable terms that are what the world's shoppers are implicitly looking for. This Amazon Keyword Tool is also very handy for commercial buying terms.

Content Writing To Target Your Researched Keywords

Once you know keywords worth going after, write for your customers and visitor's needs first, a Google manual site review second, and for Robots and Web Spiders last. You needn't fret over keyphrase density and be heavy-handed in your target phrase usage. The search engines are far more sophisticated than they used to be to ascertain the 'ABOUTNESS' of content. Even on this page I needn't worry about whether I'm talking about Apple vs. Macintosh vs. Mac search keyword analysis apps vs. software vs. programs -- GoogleBot, BingBot and other crawlers have already accurately assessed this page's aboutness accurately without me having to hammer specific terms over and over. Judicious use of keyphrases in the Title, Description and H1, H2 and H3 page headers matter most.

On and Off-Page Keyword Search Variation For Social Marketing

As important as intelligent key phrase usage in your on-page header and body content, smart variation of off-page keyword usage in your social media and blacklink efforts is critical too, to target long-tail and avoid over-optimization of anchor text in your titles. Mix It Up to broaden your content's reach of what you write on-page.

For off-page promotion, this Spun Social Bookmarking Tool allows spintax to be used in both Titles and Descriptions to vary and maximize diverse keyword targeting as the bookmarks are published. That's not only smart, but essential these days as keyword diversity with wide variation helps avoid over-targeting a single keyphrase text anchor.

Distributing Highly Targeted Keyword-Variant Based Content

While search engine spiders can ascertain SOME degree of 'readability' of content (mostly by applying checks of spelling accuracy, document structure, sentence complexity, use of punctuation, diversity of keyword density and writing style) -- they CANNOT ascertain if content was run through a spinner *IF* it was spun with sufficient statistical uniqueness to avert duplicate content issues. Starting off with very hi-quality content, spinning with high-quality synonyms, and creating output with a high-percentage of uniqueness can make mass content dissemination quite powerful. Content that has been spun thoroughly and properly is also ideal for creating keyword variant-targeted Guest Posts On Themed Blogs. With each post, the spun Titles help randomly target a specific but broader ranges of key phrases as the varied content is posted. The embedded links anchor text can (and should) be spun as well to target a range of short, medium, and long tail phrases too.

Mac Long-Tail Keyword Generation Tools

Given how competitive the internet has become, and particularly how the major search engines favor well-aged domains over new ones, you may find your only chance for visibility and rankings (at least when your site is young) is by targeting Long-Tail Keywords. These are usually longer, more complex keyphrases of 4-5, sometimes 6 words with lower search volume, but much higher specificity. For example: "Free Keyword Tool For Mac OSX" uses 'Free' and 'for Mac' to take the root keyphrase and add search intent and Apple computer platform specificity to generate a highly-targeted and much easier to rank longtail permutations and variations. With a bit of Link Boosting, long-tail content can quickly rank highly for low-competition terms.

Efficient longtail analysis and research hinges on easily and quickly generating long-tail variants, and it can be done automatically on your Macintosh using some handy free tools in Apple's Safari or Mac FireFox browser. This Free Longtail Keyword Generator website provides 3 text boxes to enter a list search or buyer intent prefixes, your main keywords, and then a list of suffix phrases tacked onto the end. Then with a single click, it will generate and permutate dozens or hundreds of variants into the results that you can then copy and paste in your favorite Mac Keyword Analysis tool or service to ascertain the most rankable longtails based on number of daily searches, title and URL competition metrics.

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