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Mac Press Release Submission Software And Services

Press Release Software For Mac Using your Mac to submit press releases can be a great website traffic source and Authority builder. Even if you've discovered a modern Pinterest / FaceBook / Twitter / Tumblr social media strategy that works well for your niche, Social traffic is often transient and short-term. Don't ingore the power of press release syndication as a strong, durable ally. It's one of the few remaining authority building strategies that has withstood the test of time.

In spite of Google's outright war on one method of link building after another, issuing a press release yourself can get you a rapid rise of traffic and visibility from potentially hundreds of high-ranking news sites. They can also deliver suprising long-term traffic if your release manages to get - and stay - somewhere in the Top 10 positions of organic search results. If you have a website that's been punished, you may find your releases getting visibility that your lower-ranking website doesn't anymore. If you've never done, or really committed to a steady PR syndication strategy, you might want to rethink that.

Paid Press Release Submission For Mac Users

Paid Press Release Submits For Mac internet marketers who prefer a hands-on, and effective approach to frequent Mac press release marketing, Live PR Submitter is an affordable web-based service to issue a series of releases at a resonable $47/month subscription. It's ideal for Apple webmasters who own multiple sites and can crank out frequent releases to keep each site in the news. LivePR Submitter lets you enter your PR data, then within 24 hours distributes it through their paid distribution account which syndicates it out to between 75-200+ partner news sites.

Outsource PR Submits On Your Mac

PR Outsourcing There's plenty of SEO services and affordable distribution gigs who'll do Press Release Submission to paid or free news sites on your behalf. Many of us can't afford to pay $49 to $299 to have just ONE press release sent out on the wires. So outsourcing is a bargain compared to what it would cost for you to subscribe to multiple, expensive PAID distribution services like PRWEB, SBWIRE, PRBuzz, which have incredible ranking, visibility, and power. Outsourcing your release to PR services that subscribe to these distributors (so you don't have to) will get your release syndicated on far more authoritative sites, higher ranking platforms, dozens of online newspapers, into news content feeds, and under the eyeballs of your niche's industry reporters and professionals. On Fiverr, you'll typically have to buy a $10-$40 'Gig Extra' to get full syndication.

Writing A Press Release On Your Mac

Press Release WritingBefore you sit down at your Macintosh and begin writing your release content - know which critical keywords you want to target in the Title and anchor in the Body. Check out a free trial of the best All-In-1 SEO app for Mac or Mac Long Tail Pro to perform the keyword, traffic, and competition research. It'll help you make the most of your Press Release marketing and submission efforts. Note: You may use Microsoft Word For Mac, Apple's TextEdit, or other OSX text editing app of your choosing for writing your PR. But before submitting or outsourcing - convert the file to PLAIN TEXT first! Formatted Office and .RTF Rich Text files may contain invisible characters that will appear as garbled junk when published. Save your release as PLAIN TEXT .TXT file after your final edits.

The FORMAT AND STYLE of writing needed for effective, captivating and 'news-y' PR content is VERY different than you may be accustomed to. But once you master it, a commitment to issuing a news-worthy release once or twice a week for the next 8 weeks can utterly trasform your online business and add a safety-net of traffic diversification. To make PR writing a breeze, ponder a one-time purchase of Instant PR Pro release writer - a browser-based automated PR writing tool that whips up a proper AP-Associated Press formatted release from a few sentences of info you key in. With 20 templates of the most common types of PR announcements to choose from, you can QUICKLY generate a series of releases to generate a ton of buzz about your business and gain steady backlinks from syndication - literally in 3 minutes or less.

PR Writing And How To's

Thousands of 'How To Write A Press Release' tips don't need to be regurgitated here. This video says it all:

Looking for a great, Mac friendly Press Release Writing Tool? Fire up Safari or Firefox for OSX and use this online, web-based Press Relese generator assistant from DuctTape Marketing that will prompt you to enter all the critical data needed, then optimally format your content ready to Copy and Paste for distribution.

After Publication And Syndication

Don't worry about 'Duplicate Content' issues, Google seems more than happy to list multiple instances of your release - as long as you're getting them on high Domain Authority sites that premium paid distribution insures. You'll likely find several listings of your release at various places within the top 5 pages or SERPS. Once your PR is live, consider building backlinks to those ranking highest to reinforce their staying power near the top of search results. Your first step after publication should be to post some urls to your release to your own top-tier Social Network accounts using Sharing it on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ with one post in Buffer kills 4 (or more) birds with one stone.

For this I highly recommend either a free or basic subscription to SOCIALADR Social Media Marketing service. Once you get your PR distribution report and have the URLs to your releases, search for those which rank highest and use a dozen SocialAdr credits to submit SPUN titles and descriptions to each of the best ranking instances using Slow or Drip feed options. These 2nd-Tier social mentions and Backlink Boosting efforts can help your release rise up in the ranks - and stay there longer.

Free Press Release Submission On A Mac

For Macintosh webmasters who want direct control the entire release publishing process on the cheap, fire up your Mac's web browser and set up your own 'Press Room' at some of the best known Free PR sites. Press account configuration and manual setup can be a bit tedious but well worth the effort. Consider outsourcing this: Some SEO services can register accounts at dozens of the top free press release sites for you to ease the pain of getting ready to distribute content.,,,,, and are some of the highest PageRank free press release sites. One of the advantages here is you can VARY your Title and PR body and embedded URL's as you do each manual submission which may be tactically advantageous. Note that Free sites will host your news releases, but do NOT *syndicate* it out to hundreds of partners unless you pay extra.

Outsourcing Press Content Writing

While some services also offer to both write and disribute the release content for you, I'd generally advise against letting them write it. You might be depressed to learn how expensive or off-the-mark supposedly 'Expertly Written' and generic releases can end up being. The 'style' of outsourced writing may be optimal for PR, but lacking true, deep knowledge of your market, the actual content may not convey it in the way you want to customers. Sometimes just providing them with all the info needed to write one for you is almost as much work as doing one yourself! It's best to write it on your own and perhaps have someone else proofread, edit and improve the release before you hand it off and let the outsourcing agency do the actual PR submits. Many PR distribution services offer lower rates if you provide your own meticulously prepared releases for them to use. A $5 Fiverr Gig in the: Online Marketing > Article & PR Writing category might be helful for finding someone expert in writing, rewriting, editing, and improving your press content - if need be.

Repurposing Press Releases For Article Marketing

There are some Mac SEO types who just want mass backlinks period. And that sort of approach USED TO work well. But now slamming out crappy spun content only works 'sorta okay'. You can however REWRITE distributed releases and re-leverage that existing content. Start by editing your original release to be less one-shot 'PR NEWSY' in style and more 'INFORMATIVE' as Articles or Blog Posts should be. Then, use the best Mac spintax generator to repurpose your modified press content into a readable, spun variant for Mac article distribution. If you start with very high-quality release, rewrite it, then do spinning with carefully edited synonyms and high-percentages of uniqueness - you can make that original PR content a 2nd-Tier link-juice powerhouse as an Article. Well spun and thoroughly rewritten PR content can also ideal for DIY Guest Posting on Page Ranked blogs.

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