Review Powerful Rank Crew Link Building SEO Packages

Outsource Submits To Rank Crew On Your Mac

SEO Linkbuilding Services Currently RankCrew offers over a dozen different link building services: 3 Combination packages with a variety of link types, and other specific linkbuilding tasks depending on the kinds of backbacklinks you want to have built. Rank Crew Linkbuilding Services can handle spun content in every one of it's packages, a tremendous SEO value for nailing long-tail keyword rankings.

UPDATE: As of summer 2016, RankCrew has made A LOT of changes to their package offerings. Sadly, some of them mentioned below may have been replaced or discontinued.

Recommended Individual Rank Crew Tasks

Here are some SELECT gigs that offer great value to a Mac webmaster who might not have the time, skills or access to content submission SEO tools that Windows users often do. This short-list of specific gigs they offer are reasonably safe for money sites.

Not all thier packages are listed here: We generally don't recommend the standalone Gov/Edu Links, General Web Directory Submission or Forum Profile Link package unless you already have a rock-solid backlink profile. Likewise, you might want to only experiment with a small trial of their Twitter Tweet, Pinterest Pins, or Social Bookmarking packages to ascertain their true effectiveness. For Social Shares, Pins, Tweets and Likes to your content try AddMeFast or LinkCollider for more DIRECT control over content shares and Fan acquisition.

Spun Press Release Submission

For $10 RankCrew will submit to 30 high-ranking free press release websites. The key here is you can submit a Spintax Formatted press release to target both varied link anchors - but more importantly - go after select keyword variants in the TITLE of your release. This is a great gig as part of an advanced Press SEO Strategy - using it as a secondary, spun follow-up to an initial full-blown traditional PR syndication process for a real One-Two SEO punch.

Video Submission

For $10 RankCrew will submit your video file to 20 video-hosting websites large and small - far beyond only YouTube - to capture traffic you didn't know your videos could be delivering. A huge time-saver! The key SEO value here is make sure your visible video description text includes a full http:// link to your website in the first sentence, and to spin your Title slightly to target keyword variants as they're published at each video site.

Article Submission

Spun article submits to 30 or 50 article directories for $8-$10 respectively. The key SEO value here is the ability to leverage your Author Resource box backlinks to diversify and dilute over-optimized backlink profiles with a large number of long-tail, generic, or raw 'www.' anchor texts. Also exceptionally good for inner-page deep linking opportunites. For 100% unique articles in minutes, check out Articoolo's instant article writing app, it's amazing!

High PR Authority Site Links

This outsourcing gig creates 25 to 100 accounts on very, very high ranking coporate, educational and brand sites over the course of 30 days with Avatar-Photo, About Me / Description, and a naked WWW.URL link. Great for Brand-building, staking out internet turf, locking in accounts and name recognition with link-juice from very powerful sites, without worrying about anchor-text over-optimization.

Web 2.0 Account Setup

Letting Rank Crew manually set-up Web 2.0 property accounts quickly and consistently can be a real time-saver and essential for staking out internet real estate to build your Name Recognition and Brand on. Highly recommended for new Personas, Sites and Ventures - or to fortify existing ones.

RSS Submission

If your website has a Blog - and a RSS Feed URL to go with it, syndicating your feed is a minor, but important one-time SEO task that is very effective at AUTOMATICALLY getting new posts and content crawled and indexed quickly - for the life of your blog. For $3-4 it's a bargain and even cheaper than a Fiverr RSS gig.

Link-Pyramid - Web 2.0 Blog Network Building

This Rank Crew gig deserves a separate section because of it's potential traffic and SEO power to help you dominate your niche. For relatively hands-off creation, ArticleBuilder content can be specified, but it's more powerful if you can provide a range of 10 spun articles yourself that have your unique voice and content expertise.

For $97, RankCrew creates 10 Web 2.0 blogs (2 each on the top 5 Web 2.0 platforms), then do 10 posts from either your own spun articles (or pulled and spun from niche topic articles) to each one of them, yielding a total of 100 posts. You then control the Web 2.0 accounts as well as the email accounts to use as you please moving forward. This is a very powerful Tier-1 package. Many of these Web 2.0 blogs can rank quite well on their own - and can drive DIRECT traffic to your site - regardless of how it might help your domain's keyword rankings in search.

It's better than most because instead of just registering and creating the blogs with a single post (like most outsourced gigs do) -- This builds a unique, fully fleshed-out 10-post blog on each property! Highly recommended for serious SEO power - just make sure you have your ducks in a row: Choose smart Key-Phrases for naming the blogs (i.e. and take the time to spin, prep and embed various deep-link URL's with anchor text variants in each of the 10 articles before submitting to Rank Crew.

RankCrew Combo Link Packages

For a more comprehensive All-In-One approach ranging from Lite to Heavy-Duty, ponder these additional Rank Crew services with a diversity of link types:

Top 20 Link Source Submission

RankCrew will hand-build backlinks to your website from their Top-20 Social Bookmark website, RSS Directories, Article Directories and Web Directories, in addition to their Top-20 sources for Forum Profiles and Web 2.0 Profiles. This 'Lite' package is designed for those who want ONLY a backlink boost from a diverse range of the highest rank manual link-building sources.

Backlink Building For New Sites

RankCrew will hand-build backlinks proven to get new websites ranking, supposedly without raising a red flag with Google. You get 50 Social Bookmarks, 50 RSS Directory submissions, 50 High PR Directory Submits, 50 article directory submits and 50 High PR Forum Profile backinks.

Backlink Building For Established Sites

This is a Heavy-Duty link building package. RankCrew will hand build backlinks to your homepage and 10 internal pages. Each of the ten internal pages get 50 Social Bookmarks, 50 Article Directory submits and 20 High PR Forum Profile backlinks. Your homepage gets 75 social bookmarks, 50 RSS Feed submits, 75 High PR Directory submits, 75 Article Directory submits and 30 High PR Forum Profile backlinks.