Most Effective Fiverr Social Marketing Gigs For SEO

Best SEO Gigs On Fiverr

Cheap Mac SEO Outsourcing Is Fiverr good for Social Media, Internet and Affiliate Marketing submissions and SEO outsourcing tasks? It can be *if* you find the right sellers and look for very specific services that help you complete key tasks that you just can't do on a Macintosh - or that can't be done efficiently and quickly yourself. Personally, RankCrew's Manual Linkbuilding Service is my trusted outsourcing provider for many types of gigs. But, with a great deal of 'Caveat Emptor - Let The Buyer Beware!' - here's some insights into outsourcing Search Marketing microjobs smartly inside the unique universe of

Best Types Of Fiverr Social Marketing Gigs For SEO Purposes

Of the many types of backlinks and services a Mac webmaster can cheaply outsource on Fiverr, most fall into just a handful of major categories that are useful to Internet and Affiliate Marketers:

  • Content Creation : Article, Press Release, Blog Writing & Editing Services
  • Media Creation : Logos, Images, Videos, Slide Shows, Infographics, Voice-Overs
  • Account Setup & Registration : Web 2.0 Profiles, Link Wheels, Distribution Networks
  • Content Marketing : Guest Posting, Banner Ads, Article & Press Release Submission
  • Social Media Marketing Services : Bookmarking, Shares, Likes, Blog Mentions, Traffic
  • Bulk Link Building : GSA Search Engine Ranker, XRumer, Mass Comment Blasts, Etc.

Many of the tasks above can be performed directly on an Apple computer with commercial apps and bundled programs. Others can access sites and services with your Mac's web browser via Apple Safari, FireFox or Chrome. But for some specific SEO submission jobs, there's no OSX apps to help automate the process and it becomes very manual, slow and inefficient. On the Windows side, software like MagicSubmitter, GSA Search Engine Ranker and others lets an outsourcer automate Account Creation on nearly any type of Web 2.0 property, has integrated Social Bookmarking, Post and Article Submission, Press Release Submission, Wiki and Forum Profile Creation tools. And it does it all in a single desktop computer application.

Best Fiverr SEO Gigs That Work - Are Safe - Drive Traffic

Over the years I've found some excellent time and money-saving $5 gigs that were invaluable, safe and very worthwhile. First and foremost:

Submit Account Setups : Those that can set up Internet / Web 2.0 / Blog / Article / Press Release / Citation site accounts for you save a ton of time. They're invaluable for establishing and moving forward with your Branding and marketing persona - IF - they're set up completely with Avatar / Photo, About Me / Description / URL, and Social Media Presence links consistently.

Submit Doc Sites, Articles And Press Releases : (using YOUR account login - and not somebody elses) helps build your Authorship, Brand, Name Recognition and Authority. When done prudently, they can drive direct site traffic from divergent sources that your organic search rankings may not be providing.

Submit Writing Services : Content writing gigs can help you create, rewrite to improve, or lend a different voice to your digital assets. If you find a good Article or Press Release Writer, editor, or re-writer who's comfortable in your niche, hang onto them for further deployment. For suprisingly good, 100% unique computer generated articles in minutes, check out Articoolo's instant article writer, it's amazing!

Submit Social Shares : Beyond normal bookmarking, Network Gigs that leverage REAL PEOPLE using TribePro, Syndr or Synnd member accounts are interesting Fiverr gigs to try to get a viral boost to your Social Signals for select pieces of content. The diversity of link-types you get from leveraging a wide range of users choosing to share your content on their own Web 2.0 platform accounts is quite valuable. It's far better than ordinary 1-shot Social Bookmarking jobs, or only tooting your own horn from your own accounts. Alternately, a free or low cost Link Collider or SocialAdr account can get similar results leveraging other people's sharing activities - right from your own Mac.

Submit Citations : For Brick & Mortar businesses or those with a fixed address: Local Citation Setup gigs that target your country / region / city are some of the safest and powerful White-Hat links you can get. Comprehensive and complete local business listings in Yelp, YellowPages, Merchant Circle, HotFrog, SuperPages, Kudzu, and others are some of the best authority links out there. Visit Yext to see the auhoritative sites you ought to have links on. You may need to buy 'Gig Extras' to get photo, logo and a truly comprehensive full profile manually set up. Some may charge another Gig Extra to, say, ideally get you listings in 30 or more additional local sites rather than just 10 or 15 citations. Worth every cent - just be sure to choose an EXPERIENCED seller with high ratings.

Submit Ads And Guest Posts : Guest Posting (permanent) and Banner Ad Placement (usually for 1 month) gigs can be effective if: 1. The site is related to your Niche, 2. The domain hasn't been punished by Google, and 3. The site gets reasonable, actual daily traffic.

Lots of advertising and guest posting opportunities are available on Fiverr, but value can be real hit or miss. Search for niche-specific gig opportunities by searching for categorical offers such as 'Health Blog', 'Technology Blog', etc. If possible, check the Seller's domain at SEMRush to get an idea of if and what kind of traffic and keyword rankings the site may have. Many web users tend to ignore banner ads, but I've gotten great referral traffic from guest posts on some decent blogs.

Submit Social Mentions : These kind of 'Shout-Out' gigs (not fake Likes, or Followers which can be from utterly worthless accounts) can be valuable. Gigs where someone popular recommends or invites their large following to check out, like or share something you're promoting can be a way for people who are TRULY interested in your niche or from a specific country to visit your content, ReTweet or Share, follow you on Pinterest / Twitter, or Like and Follow your FaceBook Fan Page. It's a more natural and organic way to grow a more targeted fanbase. For $5 look for gigs willing to, say, do it 3 times during the course of the day, or to shout-out to multiple sites.

Using Fiverr For SEO Backlink Submission Tasks - Prudently

Weigh the risks vs. the rewards. Some give your rankings great boost and drive direct traffic. Others may prove to be rather worthless, but the cost of failure is minimal. Some can be harmful to traffic and rankings if you're not careful and/or just plain stupid. The most toxic can get your site de-indexed.

When choosing link gigs, remember LESS IS USUALLY MORE. Look for jobs from experienced sellers that explicitly state a limited focus on FEWER but 'Top-Ranking' or 'High-PR' target sites. For example, in 2015 there's only about 20 Article Sites worth publishing to, perhaps a dozen paid and free Press Release Sites of worth. 'Where' matters more than 'How Many' for these two types of gigs. When you get a report back upon gig completion, consider running the URL's through the Best Link Boosting Service to send social signals and backlinks to get them quickly crawled and ranking.

Toxic SEO Gigs To Avoid : Self-Inflicted Fiverr Negative SEO

Any gig that mentions: "Mass", "Thousands", "Bulk", "Hundreds" of Wiki's / Profiles / Comments / Links / Likes / Hits / Followers / Directories / Bookmarks is usually spamming the hell out the internet, are dangerous to use directly on a money site, or lying to you. Fiverr gigs to AVOID in particular: Bulk Directory Submissions in general, Bookmarking that involves low-ball Pligg and Scuttle sites, .Edu/.Gov 'Miracles', Random Spam Comments anywhere, Wiki blasts, Mass Forum Profile building. They may be 'okay' for 2nd and 3rd-Tier linkbuilding, but frankly there's far better and safer ways to spend $5.

How To Buy Internet Marketing Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to not only Search, but FILTER gigs by Gig Ratings, New And Recommended, Seller Experience, Country etc. Frankly, choosing only high-ranking Level 1 and Top-Rated sellers is usually the smartest: They've proven time and again they can deliver the submission in a timely and accurate manner. Read Ratings with a grain of salt: For many SEO gigs, people leave positive feedback WITHOUT waiting for any proof the gig was EFFECTIVE for driving traffic or improving ranks. Repeat Buyers with multiple, positive feedback is a good sign, as are mentions of completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

Pay close attention to the writing clarity and use of English language in the Gig Description itself. Poor use of language and grammar there by the seller is a clear Warning Flag that they may not: 1. Be able to even communicate clearly with you about the submission itself. 2. Not fully understand the usage of your content, keywords or intent. And 3. Don't pay attention to every single detail. Don't hesitate to contact the Seller prior to ordering: Clarify what's needed for complex gigs. Look for responsive and helpful sellers. Not all are.

Buying Backlinks On Fiverr : After The Order

Get your ducks in a row. Once you've bought a Fiverr submission gig, the Seller is going to want complete and comprehensive information to complete the job. Use Apple Notes or TextEdit on your Mac to store frequently used URL's, Contact Info, Titles, Descriptions, Articles, etc. that you'll use in your outsourcing projects. Many types of submissions can handle spun content, so access to a good Mac text spinner service is very helpful and advantageous SEO-wise. Control the spintax generation yourself to insure quality and readability to your standards. Choose gigs where you're allowed to provide and upload your own content - and not just let the Seller 'scrape and spin' gawd-knows-what for publication.

If you're like many Mac Affiliate and Internet marketers, you manage multiple websites: Some flourshing, others struggling under ranking penalties and punishments. If you're new to outsourcing SEO tasks and link-building on Fiverr, or working with a new Seller: Try backlink building gigs on your lesser sites first where you have little or nothing to lose. You can then gauge the effectiveness and value of the gig, and whether it's appropriate to try on some of your better-performing money sites.

When you find a GREAT Fiverr Seller, build the relationship when it makes sense for recurring jobs by someone who knows your needs and niche. Sellers may come and go, but hold onto the diamonds when you can. They can become part of your virtual microjob outsourcing 'team' and help you become a sucessful Mac internet marketer!

Tiered SEO LinkBuilding Gigs On Fiverr : Link Wheels And Pyramids

There's a broad range of SEO and Marketing gigs available on Fiverr: Some are very safe and effective, some are incredibly valuable time-savers, some are risky, and some are best only used on 'Churn & Burn' sites and/or outright dangerous. There are both 'Light' and 'Heavy-Handed' gigs available. Lean towards the former unless your intent and tactics are to utterly stomp a huge footprint on the darker regions of the internet.

Unless you're willing to build out your own PBN - Private Blog / Website Network and commit to the management overhead and expense that entails, a small but powerful Link-Wheel or Pyramid built from a handful of high-ranking, free Web 2.0 properties might be one of the better $5 investments you might make. My advice here is simple: Consider a SMALL Tier-1 network using only the highest-ranking free blogging platforms: TypePad, Blogger,, Tumblr in particular. Try to find a gig (and communicate with the Seller beforehand) that insures you can post MULTIPLE ARTICLES to each (I recommend 5 minimum) when it's created to establish it as a real blog. You'll likely have to pay for Gig Extras for the additional posts, and it's worth it to do it RIGHT from the get-go. Otherwise don't bother doing it at all.

There's no point in building a Pyramid / Wheel to 2-3 dozen sites that only has 1 spun post on it and is left to die. Better to go for a smaller one that's more completely built-out, and is small enough that you have the time to periodically visit and manually add new content to occasionally. You can also explore Automated Social Sharing (such as using an OnlyWire account yourself) to post to these Web 2.0 properties and keep them fresh.

Great - Good - Bad - Ugly : The Fiverr Scene

In conclusion, outsourcing Fiverr microjobs for SEO and Marketing tasks is definitely worth exploring. Some great opportunities to lighten your workload, perform tasks you can't or don't have time for, or leverage backlink tools that Apple users don't otherwise have access to can be a godsend for your internet business.

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