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Creating Visual Content For Internet Marketing - On A Mac

Marketing Visual Content Using your Macintosh for visual content creation is just the starting point for drawing in a marketing prospect's attention. Beyond colorful images to engage the eye, video and audio podcasts can amplify your content marketing message to get the click or make the sale. Few of us are true Artists, Broadcasters or Film Makers - but our Mac gives us a tool to make exploring these easy and approachable - with the right software and equipment.

Video Creation On A Mac

Mac Video Creation and Submission It's often said, the second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. On the Mac Video Marketing page you'll find recommended video and web cameras, microphones and lighting equipment to produce professional-looking video content that engages viewers and drives traffic to your website. We also look at ways to submit your vids to video hosting sites beyond YouTube to broaden your reach and drive even more direct traffic and views.

Infographic Design On A Mac

Mac Infographic Creation and Submission Your Macintosh can be a great tool for the creation of informative, colorful and attention-getting infographics. They're a key visual component of internet marketing strategies that draw easy attention visually while succinctly informing the prospect of key points, numbers or facts. On the Mac Infographics Marketing page you'll find key programs and online, web-based infographic design apps that can't help you quickly generate appealing marketing materials for your website and your online Social postings. We'll also look at recommended Infographic hosting sites to feature your submitted infographics creations for broader marketing reach.

Logo Design On A Mac

Mac Logo Design App Visual Branding is an important aspect of Mac internet marketing. Often that starts with a readily identifiable visual symbol, icon, or avatar that represents you and your Brand in a split second. Mac logo design apps for OSX can help you create something colorful and attention getting quickly. Mac Logo creation software can also be handy for generating simple infographics without needing to learn and use more complex graphics programs or slideshow presentation apps on your Macintosh.

Explainer Video Creation On A Mac

Explainer Video Shorts Colorful, animated, succinct and informative, Explainer Video creation on a Macintosh can help deliver your businesss product benefits or service message in short order. Armed with a consice script for narration, a quality Mac compatible headset or microphone (visit you can use your favorite Apple browser to create, save, upload and embed compelling business short video content that's highly engaging to your target audience.

Audio And Podcast Marketing

Mac Podcast Creation and Submission Learn about ways to use your Mac to Podcast and generate audio files for your content marketing strategies. Discover podcasting and audio file hosting sites to submit your sound files to for reaching an entirely new audience for your website and podcasts.

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