Blog Directory Submitters For Mac Bloggers

Blog Submitters For Mac SEO

Mac Blog Submission The notion of "Blog Submission" from your Macintosh has several distinct meanings and contexts. It could mean:
1. Posting content to a private or public blog service network
2. Adding your weblog listing to a Blog-ONLY type directory
3: Simply submitting your blog URL to general directory service in the Blogging category.

Using Your Mac To Submit Blog POSTS

Clearly the most powerful SEO links come from submitting a 'Guest' blog post on someone else's blog which has a degree of Authority and steady traffic. An affordable and easy way to explore guest posting for $5 can be through a permanent Theme Related Guest Post Submission from site owners on Fiverr who own blogs tightly related to your content's niche. Note: It's critical that you use fresh, original content - or expertly spun posts to make sure they pass CopyScape uniqueness. Blog owners often limit the number of embedded links to only one or two, and may require more lengthy, expert style posts of 500 words or more to insure their blogs overall quality. Generally, little 150 - 300 word mini-posts might not be acceptable.

Personally I think this Blog Post Placement service stands out for it's flexibility in Avdertisers choosing the PageRank/Domain Authority of blog post sites directly on publically shared blogs in the system. It's also an opportunity to earn income from your WordPress blogs if you choose to be a Publisher. It supports your favorite PC or Mac spintax tool, and you can embed 1 or 2 links per post depending on length (100 and 300+ word post options, respectively). You can even opt to have affordable blurbs and longer posts written FOR you at a low cost - you simply identify the URLs and Keywords to target.

Regardless of where your posts go live, it's always smart to boost your backlinks with a good Link Indexing Service, or use some Mac social bookmarking tools to get your latest posts crawled quickly and some link juice flowing towards them to help them rank higher.

Using Your Mac To Submit To Blog DIRECTORIES

Directories dedicated ONLY to blog sites and URLs exist and can be steady traffic drivers. The gotcha with many Blog Directories is that they often REQUIRE a reciprocal link to get - and KEEP - your blog active in their listings. These provide the small 'blog chicklet' icon code for you to publish on your blog page sidebar. For the top-tier directories that send human traffic this is definitely worth doing. (Examples might be BlogCatalog, GlobeOfBlogs, TopBlogging, etc.) For other lower-traffic blog dirs, the reciprocal linking might be more advantageous to them than to you... In time, your 'Came From' web stats will indicate which Blog Directories send visitors - and who's reciprocal chicklet links are definitely worth keeping over the long haul to keep your listing active.

Here's a couple of high-ranking blog sites you may want to try to get your blog listed on:

Using Your Mac to Submit A Blog Feed To RSS DIRECTORIES

As discussed on the RSS page, a fair number of free RSS bulk submission tools using Mac Safari or FireFox can get you some blog feed backlinks generated quickly. Submitting a blog feed is very worthwhile: Submit your feed ONCE - and new posts will be updated and build links to your fresh content automatically for months and years to come. For $3-$4 Rank Crew Feed Submission is the most affordable way to insure your blog's RSS feed URL is submitted to a high-quality list of feed sites.

Using Your Mac To Submit A Blog URL To WEB DIRECTORIES

General web directory submits can be used for promoting your blog - although many usually ONLY allow a link to your site's root domain. Look for Deep Link directory submission services if your blog resides on an inner URL page of your website. You may or may not have issues if you're submitting a SUB-DOMAINED blog url. Subdomained are like those you often have with free Web 2.0 blog platforms such as I do with or -- Not all directories accept subdomain formats, although some do.

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