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Article Submission Software For Mac Considering a Mac article marketing, syndication and submission strategy? It's still a VERY valuable link building strategy when done with forethought. When using methods that allow spun article distribution, it's one of the more effective ways to achieve anchor text diversity for over optimized backlink profiles. By smartly using the 2 or 3 links allowed in the Author Resource box, you can target multiple sites or pages with a broad range of raw URL, generic or long-tail links with carefully crafted spintax.

Submitting articles is easy, writing them is hard and time-consuming. Or it was until Articoolo's instant computer generated article writing tools using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation. If you need 100% unique content within minutes for spinning and submission, check out Articoolo.

Using your Mac to submit to select, top-ranking article directories can also help with Reputation, Brand and Authority building by sharing your niche expertise. Additionally, the Author Resource Box also provides an opportunity to link to your Social Media Pages and Profiles. If you've been afraid to use Article Marketing to link your money site(s), leverage it to pump your Social Media accounts instead! If you think 'Article Marketing Is Dead' in the current SEO landscape, you're dead wrong!

As with any marketing campaign, keyword research is a critical step. A free trial of the best SEO software for Mac or Long Tail Pro for Mac can help you perform keyword targeting, competition and backlink analysis before writing an article to make the most of your Article Writing - and Marketing efforts. The content's Title and Theme need to address high-interest, low-competition long-tail keywords and niches to be most effective.

OSX Compatible Article Submission Software For Mac

For Apple web masters who have time for and want to control the entire content distribution process, there's free article submission software for Mac in the cross-platform version of ASHelper. It's written using Adobe AIR code to run on either OSX or Windows. With built-in support for pasting-in bracketed spintax articles, spun titles and author bio's you've already prepared, it lets you step through the submission process site by site.

Article Submission Helper requires you pre-register at the article sites you want to use, and enter the login information needed into the program. Initial account configuration and setup is a bit tedious, but well worth the effort. Consider outsourcing registration: Some SEO services or Fiverr gigs can register accounts at all the top article sites for you to ease the pain of getting ASHelper ready to publish content.

Article Submission Helper allows you to EDIT the list of directories it submits to. If you're geeky enough, I recommend you prune it down to a dozen of only the most reputable sites referenced below. Note that ASHelper is no longer actively supported, but can still be handy for automating some aspects of DIY Article submission on a Mac. It's built-in spintax processor and web-browser window can help you quickly move manually from site to site, spin a different version again, and publish more unique versions as you go.

Outsourcing Article Submission For Mac Users

Rather than running a program to submit articles on your Mac, it may be simplest to outsource distribution. Rank Crew Spun Article Submission Services offers a pair of limited 30 or 50 site spintax Article Distribution packages that only targets a focused, pruned list of the higher-ranking sites without resorting to more spammy, bulk methods. Leverage the Authour Resource Box and spinning to ONLY target Brand, Naked URL and Generic anchors when pointing to a money site.

For those who want less hands-on approach to Mac Article Marketing, there's plenty of SEO services and Fiverr gigs who'll handle account setup and Outsourced Article Submission for you on the cheap. We're most fond of Fivver gigs that submit ONLY to 10 or 15 of the most highly-ranked places. Avoid mass submission linking only to your money sites at all costs. You may want to contact them prior to ordering a gig and verify if they can handle spun distribution in spintax format or not. It's advantageous if they can for SEO purposes, but not essential.

While some will also offer to both write and distribute the article content FOR you, we advise against letting them write it in most cases. You might be appalled at how awful supposedly 'Expertly Written' and horribly spun the articles end up being. It's best to write an article yourself and use the best Mac Spintax Software or service to prepare it in spintax format before you hand it off - and let the outsourcer do the actual submits. In fact, many link building firms offer lower-rates if you provide your own carefully prepared and manually spun articles for them to use.

Linkbuilding Using Article Marketing

Aim for only the highest page ranked and most reputable Article Directories that have some sort of manual approval process. Less is more these days. Avoid mass submission, especially to de-indexed, low-ball, and free-for-all directories unless you know what you're doing. Upon successful publication, consider running the highest-ranked posted article URL's through a Link Indexing and Boosting service.

Larger-scale bulk spum article submission can be done very cheaply through SpinDistribute - a spun article distribution service and network that puts the data entry process under your DIRECT control, then handles the post and publishing aspects for you. Using Safari, Chrome or FireFox you can enter spintax Titles, Article Summaries, Body Content and Author Resource Boxes targeting whatever combo of naked URL, Brand or Anchor Text links you want. There's also a very smart option that automatically incorporates the Author Box _inside_ of blog post content when it's posting to thier subset of Blog sites, but puts them at the end when they post it on Article sites as is standard convention. The best of both worlds. Highly recommended if you're looking for mass article distribution on the cheap. Since this is BULK distribution on hundreds of sites, it's best directed towards Tier-1 properties, profile links, etc. and NOT your main money site - unless you've got nothing to lose.

For straight, unspun article submission check out iSnare's Article Distributon Service. For $2 or less per article you can get broad distribution and promotion from this long-established leader in the article syndication world.

There are some Apple SEO types who just want large numbers of backlinks period. And that sort of approach USED TO work well. But now slamming out krappy spun content to 100's of auto-approve junk article directories may do more harm than good. It's a new era of SEO where Brand, Authority, Reputation and Shareability matter more than at any time in the world wide web's history. Putting your readers - humans first - and search engine rankings second is the only way to create a truly sustainable SEO strategy. Write for visitors and customers first, a Google manual site reviewer second, and for Web Spiders and Robots last.

Use Only High-Rank Article Directory Sites

In 2015, your focus should PRIMARILY be on the highest-ranked Article Syndication Submission sites that are still in Google's index. As you publish on various sites, consider mixing up your Author Resource Box and the links within it to target various URL's as you move from site to site. Most allow up to 3 backlinks. Instead of pointing only to money sites or pages, consider using Article Marketing Resource/Bio boxes to additionally build your Authorship, Brand and Reputation by linking to, say, your Google+ profile, your Twitter account, your site's FaceBook Fanpage, a Pinterest board or your LinkedIn profile. These kind of signals are proving to be more powerful and less risky than over-optimized Anchor Text Keywords.

Here's a very current, recently verified short-list of some of the highest DA-PA authority article sites currently worth publishing on. You might want to check them out at and verify they are currently ranking for a good variety of keywords and inner article sub-pages in Google. Lesser sites which have been punished or deindexed won't show any ranking keywords or a blank traffic graph on SEMRush.

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Mac Article Marketing Tips And Strategies

  • Ezine Articles remains the single-most authoritative Article Directory out there. Many folks advocate submitting a lengthy, flawless expert article there first and wait for it to be approved. Once published thoroughly spin, rearrage, and optionally shorten the article for further distribution efforts elsewhere. Ensure that variants can pass CopyScape detection for uniqueness, since the better sites check before approval.

  • Have MULTIPLE, spintax-coded Author Bio Boxes prepared in advance to target different URL's you want to drive link-juice towards from various Article sites, or when publishing a series of articles at the same site.

  • Most sites DON'T allow any links in the article body. If they do, it's usually only ONE link near the end of the article and often not allowed 'Above The Fold' in the first few paragraphs. GIVE to the reader first - before you GET greedy for a link.

  • Share and/or lightly build a few links to your article once it's been published and live. Many have built-in Social Sharing tools and buttons beside the posted article to make it easy for you and visitors to get it shared, indexed and ranking. Take advantage of them.

  • Watch your Web Stat logs. Whether you use Google Analytics, Clicky, StatCounter, or others: Pay attention to the directories that drive actual, human referral traffic and commit to publishing additional articles there. (Do more of what works!) With any luck, another website owner may syndicate your article onto their site with the Bio Box intact and provide extra link-juice.

  • Remember: Article Directory Syndication isn't dead. It's VALUE has simply shifted towards an emphasis on Name Recognition, Branding and Authorship/Authority within your niche. WHO is talking is becoming the SEO signal that gets evaluated first - before WHAT is being talked about is given ranking consideration. WHERE matters too, so stick with the few most repuable sites.

Repurposing Spun Article Content

Search engine bots can assess SOME degree of 'readability' of a document (mostly only by virtues of spelling accuracy, sentence and document structure, use of punctuation, originality, and diversity of keyword density). But they CANNOT ascertain if content was spun *if* it was spun well and with sufficient statistical uniqueness to avoid duplicate content issues. Starting with very high-quality content, spinning with high-quality synonyms, outputting with a high-percentage of uniqueness can make article syndication and distribution a link-juice powerhouse for long-tail keywords.

Well spun content is also ideal for Guest Posts On PageRanked Blogs or for Tier-1 Web 2.0 property leverage. After doing an article submission, you can rework your content, move the links from the Author Resource box to direct, in-content links and tweak the article to be more optimized for a blog post format.

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