Articoolo Review : Automatic Content Writing App

Review Of Articoolo's Natural Language Article Generator

Automated Content Writing Tools Hankering for a process to avoid the misery of long DIY writing sessions or using outside agencies for article or blog post creation projects? Articoolo's online article writing app can deliver well-written content in minutes preventing the extra expenditures, uncertanties and wait-times involved in outsourcing articles.

What Is Articoolo?

Articoolo is a modern algorithmic, Automaticaly Generated Content [AGC] or Computer Generated Content [CGC] program that produces one-of-a-kind, proofread, quality written articles in about 2-3 minutes. By imitating a robotic human writer, highly readble texts of around 500 words are able to be created quickly from a topical seed keyword you enter.

How Do Robot Article Writers Work?

Utilizing Natural Language Generation [NLG] and Artificial Intelligence [AI] formulas, Articoolo is adept at gathering related content, rewording it, and arranging it into distinct paragraphs. In a second stage of processing, it reviews and rectifies any issues in the article's linguistics and punctuation and spelling. To assure 100% uniqueness, it then does a CopyScape audit prior to finalizing the document.

What You End Up With

You're presented a blurred-out preview which shows some of the lines clearly visible [typically just one for every paragraph] so that one can analyze the quality and tenor of the content before you decide to buy it. It only costs you if and when you make a choice to buy one. After clicking 'Buy' the complete substance of the article displayed. You may then save the file to your computer, print it, or email it to a colleague.

How Do You Acess Articoolo?

Articoolo is an agnostic Software As A Service - SaaS cloud application accessible from any internet connected computing platform. One is free to use Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, or even Android OS and is usable with any internet browser you choose. An Articoolo plugin for WordPress is additionally available which allows web masters to access the article creating tool and very easily produce and post relevant content for their website, right from their WordPress dashboard.

FYI: There's also a 'Rewrite' feature for existing documents you might want to redeploy. But I don't recommend it. It isn't worth a buck or two just to do a MINOR rewrite. If you want to truly restructure, reorganize and rewrite content completely, and generate spintax bracketed variations a Free SpinRewriter Trial or subscription is far better. Frankly, Articoolo should offer it's Rewrite feature free to monthly subscription holders.

Where Does Articoolo Get It's Content From?

It's unknown what database sources Articoolo possesses API connectivity too. But conceptualize if you could tap-into, say, Wikipedia, BigContent's PLR data bank, or EzineArticles immense library and obtain relevant content in matter of seconds. That's fundamentally what Articoolo is doing in the first phase. In the second step, syntactical evaluation and sentence by sentence re-writes happen prior to more routine and well-established algos for grammar, spelling, punctuation and uniqueness are taken care of.

Article Quality Of Articoolo Documents

Articoolo's mantra states: "A quick, coherent starting point for your articles." I concur, with specific emphasis on 'starting point'.

My own personal evaluation of Articoolo article quality: Around a fourth of the Articoolo essays I've generated were remarkably outstanding and required only minor tweaks. Some were surprisingly good! from beginning to end.

About half were certainly 'starting point quality' - a working draft I felt I could easily turn into what I needed the article to be. With a few swift edits and rearranging some of the paragraphs or sentences, they were all set to publish in 10 minutes or less.

The remaining 25% were uncorrectable, commonly only in the 200 word count range even when I requested for 500. I got a particular feeling that the subject matter was too odd or their databases lacked enough relevant content to gather into a much longer, meaningful article. Fortunately, Articoolo's Preview Mode divulged enough to realize those short articles just weren't worth hitting the 'Buy' button. It costs you nothing to start again with a different keyword phrase and try some other variation.

Clearly the articles it produces won't be college-level essays. If you need articles written to exacting requrements, try some of the premium writers at the I Need Articles website. Articoolo's tend to be very general in nature. Indeed, most web articles are simple and instructional in nature with a topical overview.

Articoolo Review Summary

For most of my content creation needs, Articoolo has been a godsend. It's particularly valuable for incorporating supplementary, topically relevant paragraphs to what would otherwise be 'Thin Content' affiliate pages. If you're like me and run multiple sites and especially blogs. It can be hard to keep adding fresh content! I've been using these computer generated articles to give some long-neglected blogs fresh articles to keep the search engines happy.

Try Articoolo today for free see for yourself what kind of computer generated articles it can produce!