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Best SEO App Here at www.submitterformac.com we present some of the best OSX SEO programs, IM tools, URL and site submission services and apps to help with your Apple SEO, backlink placement and search engine ranking tasks - all from the comfort of your MacBook or Macintosh desktop computer. This site features Apple compatible website submission software, URL submitter tools and recommended internet marketing services for Mac webmasters. Apple website owners need more than just Mac web design software. They also need reliable hosting as well as an internet marketing plan, a social media content promotion workflow, and backlink building tools that work well on the Macintosh.

Best SEO App

Must-Have Mac Marketing App

Explore a free trial of the best Mac SEO software package for the latest keyword research, backlink and URL competition ranking analysis. Doing this beforehand is critical to make the most of your site submission campaigns and Mac internet marketing activities and the award-winning Market Samurai for Mac is a great investment in your SEO success.

Mac Press Release Submission

Press Release Distribution On A Mac

For driving nearly immediate and often suprisingly enduring traffic, using your Mac for Press Release distribution can get your content and links on some amazingly powerful authority and news sites. It's one of the few remaining internet marketing and link building strategies that is still safe and reliable. With a text editor or word processor on your Mac, or by using Instant PR Pro from your Mac's web browser, you can write and submit your PR to media and news services with the syndication channels to spread your announcements far and wide.

Article Submission Mac

Article Submitter Software For Mac

The internet is about sharing your expertise with the world and many Macintosh site owners use Mac Article submission software and services to do so. Preparing content for article marketing and syndication is time consuming but has a long-term website traffic payoff that makes it quite worthwhile. Both what you say - and where you place it can matter greatly here. There are only a handful of top tier article sites with alot of power that you should focus on. There are countless others that may not help or hurt your rankings.

Spinner For Mac

Mac Article Spinners

Article syndication, distribution and backlinking automation often involves using an Article Spinner Mac users can deploy to generate highly readable content with a degree of uniqueness. Quality spinning services or spintax software can ease the pain of creating grammatically correct and easy to read articles, blog posts, or social boookmarks that are also statistically unique in the eyes of search engines.

Mac Directory Submission

Directory Submitter Software For Mac

Automating Mac directory submission can help build tightly anchored, rather permanent backlinks in themed categories across a wide range of IP addresses. Some of the better web-based solutions like Directory Maximizer exist for this aspect of anchor text diversification and placement only on directories of higher PageRank. (We recommend PR3+ ONLY dir submissions!) It's more focused than some Mac friendly bulk directory submitter tools that target far too many low-grade or deindexed directories that can damage your rankings.

Mac Blog Submission

Blog Network Submitter Software For Mac

Various public and private Blog Networks exist to help get your content onto Page-Ranked and Indexed Sites. Unlike many article sites which don't allow links INSIDE the content body, these services that place Guest Posts on blogs with high PR let you create contextual links in the content with varied URL and anchor text of your choosing for the highest ranking impact. It can be risky, but the rewards are high. There are also Blog Directories worth being listed at to attract highly targeted visitors searching in your blog's niche and category without relying on organic search engine traffic.

Mac RSS Submission

RSS Feed Submitter Software For Mac

Real Simple Syndication - RSS services can help automate notification, pinging and building links to your freshly published content. Powerful "Feed it - Set It - Forget it" marketing all Macintosh publishers should take advantage of. Submit it once - and the RSS feed will update itself across all the submitted locations automatically as you create new posts. Very helpful for insuring your newly published content gets disseminated and crawled quickly.

Mac Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Service Submitter Software For Mac

Consistently sharing sites, posts, images and links is an important part of building brand recognition and getting website traffic. Mac Social Bookmark submitter and automated social media submission services like Link Collider can simplify this process by leveraging a single URL submit across a wide range of Web 2.0 properties in a few clicks. The best utilize ways to get OTHER PEOPLE and their Social Media accounts tooting your horn FOR YOU. Often you'll want a website marketing workflow that uses a variety of manual and automatic social bookmarking services, tools, and on-page bookmarking buttons to obtain natural, random and diverse bookmarks and mentions across the major and 2nd-tier website bookmarking landscape.

Mac Twitter Software

Twitter Programs and Submitters For Mac

Realtime status updates and sharing of your own or other's content should be an active, daily part of your ongoing Social Media Marketing tasks and workflow. There's some great Mac Twitter tools and software to help do just that. Build a following FAST with free and cheap services like AddMeFast and LinkCollider. For pruning and refining your following, check out the best app for Twitter Marketing On A Mac - TweetAddr for OSX is a killer tool for building Followers with a Tweet Scheduler and complete Account Management that you should take for a free test drive. There are many other tools and services to replicate your Social Marketing activities across to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, or other important status and microblog sites automagically.

Mac Link Checker

Mac Friendly Website Evaluation and Backlink Checking Tools

There's a lot of WhoIs and Domain Lookup evaluation tools out there, some of which yield an easy backlink and quick indexing of new content and websites. But a handful of exceptional lookup tools provide suprisingly informative and deep SEO analysis of your domain or pages for free that Mac web masters can submit their URL to. The best like SEO Site Checkup here can provide incredibly detailed views of a website's on-page and off-page optimization, anchor text and backlink checks, social media influence and metrics, keyword usage and density reports and more.

Mac Keyword Tools

Search Keyword Analysis On A Mac

All your internet marketing and URL submission efforts are for naught if you haven't done effective keyword planning and research in advance of your content creation and promotional activities. Check out some insights on Mac Keyword Research Tools and services page to help you target your pages, posts, tweets, shares and bookmarks with absolute keyword precision.

Explore the menu above for the various pages of www.submitterformac.com that can help broaden your awareness of Mac compatible SEO tools and IM services that can help your site gain the exposure it needs through a diverse set of backlink types and methods. A rapidly expanding range of Mac SEO Software, Services and Tools are out there to help Macintosh-based web designers and site owners to publish and promote thier blogs and website content. Whether stand-alone SEO software programs for Mac, or by using Safari, Chrome or FireFox for web browser based submission and content distribution, there's more Mac compatible SEO applications and internet marketing tools for the very Social Web 2.0 we work and play in.

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